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Mrs. Palmer

Weekend Homework:
Please show your spelling test to your parents and have them sign it. If you bring it back Monday, you will get two punches on your spelling punch card. 

All students, show your Place Value math test to your parents. Their signature is required. Please back it as soon as possible. Overall I was very pleased with the students' performance. Thank you for helping your child complet their study guide. 

Web Quest for Students: 
1st - Click on the link below to start the Web Quest where you will research many of North Carolina's symbols. Here you will also review NC's bordering states and learn about NC's population and our 5 largest cities.

2nd - Once you have opened the site, there will be links to click on to lead you to specific web sites that will give you the specific information. You will have to do some reading. The answers won't jump right out at you, but they are there. Record your work on the paper I give you in class. You will not need to print anything once you click on the link below. 

Math Assignments for Students:
Click on the group you have been assigned to watch a video about regrouping with addition and/or subtraction. Remember to use headphones so you can listen to the video and not interrupt others around you. Then complete the workbook page. Don't forget to put your name on it and turn it in. 

*** If you aren't in a group, you will need to do the following things in class**
 Review Practice - Click on the link. Scroll down the page until you see the following objectives. Complete the online questions and remember to record your stats!
4.1.3 Use estimation strategies reasonably and fluently while integrating content from each of the other strands. Complete the following 5 tasks:
4.3.1 Identify patterns and apply pattern recognition to reason mathematically while integrating content from each of the other strands. Complete the following 1 task:

Do you want to earn Extra Credit in Social Studies??
Please complete one of the following projects and turn in to Mrs. Palmer by October 18.

1. Walk around your neighbor and pick up trash. Write a short paragraph answering the following questions:
    ~ When and where did you pick up trash?
    ~ Did someone help you?
    ~ How is this helping your community?
    ~ Why is this project important to you as a citizen of your  community?

2. Design 2 different posters (with color) to encourage people in your neighborhood to vote in November's election.

3. Make a graphic organizer showing the similarities and differences between rights and responsibilities.

4. On a past State Dailies you were able to view North Carolina's state seal. Design a school seal with a motto. On your seal include the school, people, and objects that are important to our school, our community and education.

5. Design a booklet/guide for a responsible East Albemarle citizen. Include rights and responsibilities of a student at East. Your book must be a minimum of 5 pages with text on it. Include pictures/illustrations and color.