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Welcome to 5th Grade!
Mrs. Hartsell

Daily Schedule

8:00 Announcements
8:05 CAFE
9:00 Block 1
!0:30 Block 2
10:50 Lunch
12:30 Recess
12:50 Guidance/AMP
1:35 Block 3
2:45 Dismissal

8:00 Announcements
8:05 CAFE
9:00 Block 1
!0:15 Block 2
10:50 Lunch
12:00 Block 3
12:30 Recess
12:50 Guidance/AMP
2:45 Dismissal

Math Websites

Stanly County Pacing Guide

May 12, 2014

We are going to have a wonderful year in fifth grade together!!!

Math for the Week of May 12, 2014

We are busy preparing for the EOG's. We will work on many strategies to help us solve various word problems. Students will begin having a weekly quiz on skills taught through the week on Friday. Please encourage students to study flashcards and notes.


Great Math Sites to Build Math Skills

Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Simplifying Fractions

Check out to help with division!!!

Place value

Data and





Area Perimeter


Other Concepts

1-Place value practice

1- Make a graph!

1- or here

1- Math is fun trainer!

1- Can you multiply?!

1- Make a picture.

1- Practice telling time.

1- Learn here!

1- Learn about them.


1- Polygon playground

1- Name the shape!

Feed the Bug!

2- Review, practice, check work!

2- Favorite Hobby Graphs

2- Use order of operations

2- Practice your division!

2- Match digital to analog clocks.

2- Adam Ant Perimeter

2-3 D lab

Learn these words!

Grid Locations


3- How big is your number?

3- Data Picking

3- Play a game with arrays.

3- Set your level and divide

3- Drag hands and then push ok.

3- Make shapes, area and perimeter.

3- Practice your angles


Lots of grids!

Graph Their Path

4- Place value-expanded form

4- Median, Mode and MEAN!

4- Multiply with  money

4- Vocab Crossword

4- Match analog & digital clocks.

4- Practice some!

Area and Perimeter Video

4-Quadrilaterals Video



Order of  operations

5- Write number to win!

5- Data vocabulary

5- How fast can you find the problem?!

5- Tic tac toe

5-Practice elapsed time.

5- Do it yourself!

5- Watch Right Angle Movie

Algebra game

Labs for curriculum

6- Shell  rounding

Flash Card Practice

6- Try these graphs.

6- Multiply with place values.

6- Baseball

6- Stop the clock when the hands are right.

6- Practice area

6- Symmetry


Match words to numbers.

7- Rounding movie

What is the nearest 10?

7- Make some circle graphs!

7- Factor Game

7- Choose division, medium or hard.

7- Use arrow keys, get under correct clock, use space bar to shoot.

7- Practice perimeter

7- Use movements to tile the bathroom.


8- Place  value pirates

Genius bashing game

8-Can you read the graphs?

8- Build arrays using factors.

8- What is divisible?

8- Practice elapsed time here.

8- Shape builder

8- What kind of angle?

Toads and Frogs

9-Mystery Numbers

9-Blocks build numbers.

9- Graph sharks!

9- Mental math with zeroes

9- Race someone else!

9- Match elasped time.

9- Shape explorer

9- Find the cost

9- Lots of activities

Try an abacus online!

10- Make numeral to match words.

Place value resources

10- Watch Data Movies

10- Find the multiples!


10-Lesson in division

10-Figure out the elapsed time.

10- Watch Area Movie

Watch Area/Perimeter Movie

10- Symmetry explorer

Watch Some Geometry Movies

Activities from Harcourt

Glossary for math vocabulary


Choose your operation!

Practice Adding

Practice Subtraction

Practice Multiplying

Practice Dividing

Choose your operation!

Work on your skills.

Make simple addition facts.

Make a subtraction problem.

Grand Prix Race

Triangular flashcards

X Chart and Games

Division factory

Drag Race Division


Work on your skills.

Flash cards are fun!

Try a bit harder!

Subtraction that is harder

X sentences


X Chart

Flash your way to A+

Flash cards are fun!

Race to learn!

Here is a challenge!

Try this one!

Hidden Picture

Diaper Derby

Try the divider machine!

Race to learn!

Bingo games  

Make the problem

Amble Addition Drill

Addition Match

Subtraction Drills


Math Mastery X

More Ambleside- X!

Divide on these

Bingo games  

Make the problem

Try some spacy math!

Launch the space shuttle

Jet ski with addition!

Space Race

Rabbit subtraction?!

Use place value to multiply

Learn your facts!

Basic division facts

Try some spacy math!

Launch the space shuttle

Take a quiz!

Practice whatever you need!

Soccer match!

Subtraction Hangman

Battleship multiplication

Multiplication Stories


Take a quiz!

Practice whatever you need!

This mixes the operations

Addition Bug

Choose add or subtract

To 25!

To 49!

To 100!

Choose multiply or divide

This mixes the operations

Choose the level and the operation.

Balloon Pop

Subtraction Harvest

Try the flash cards here!


Find the multiples!

Mixed practice of facts

Factor Space Rocks

Choose the level and the operation.

Fries that add up!

Practice more!

Find two addends!

Dress up to the total

Balance equations

Choose second grade, multiply flash!

Match answer to problem.

Number cruncher chooses the operation.

Fries that add up!

Practice more!

What is the operation?!

Super Duper Game

Choose your operation and level

What do you take away?!

+ and - Tire Jump

Download a free game to use!

Multiplication Table Practice

What is the operation

What is the operation?!

Super Duper Game

General Information about 5th Grade

Our main focus in fifth grade is for students to develop an Independent Reading Life. Students are expected to ready everyday for extended period of time both at home and school to build reading stamina. In the same way a long-distance athlete needs to develop stamina for running, our fifth graders need to build reading stamina, especially when they complete the End-of-Grade tests. Apart from testing, being able to read for long periods of time will be a strength in middle school and eventually the workplace. 

Durning writing, we will focus on a variety of genres including essays, poetry, memoirs, historical fiction, and research pieces. Our new curriculum, Common Core, places a high emphasis on grammar, therefore students will have to demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar, as well as capitalization and punctuation.

It is important to realize that the math instruction your child receive today may be very different from the instruction we received in our own school experience. Our classrooms have transformed into math communities where instruction is richer in problem solving, reasonings, communication, and making mathematical connections with the real world

Your child will be introduced to a variety of strategies, by the teacher as well as peers, of which many may seem strange to you. Through number talks we encourage our students to approach math problems in a variety of ways. It is up the student to select the method that works best for them. 

Fifth Grade Science Units
1) Ecosystems
2) Forces and Genetics
3) Weather
4) Matter and Energy
5) Systems of the Body

Social Studies
We will study the geography, history, governments, and cultures of North America (The United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean). We are committed to help prepare a new generation for  leadership in the global marketplace.

As well as following all school rules, it is very important that each child do his or her best to contribute to a positive classroom environment. Rewards for good behavior will be given as well as consequences for inappropriate behavior. You will be informed of any behavior by either a note in the agenda, and/or a phone call. Every child has the right to an education and no one should be denied his or her right to learn. By encouraging you child to behave in a positive and respectful manner, we can ensure a positive learning experience for all.

Homework is assigned on a daily basis as an extension of the skills taught in class that day. It is very important that your child do his or her homework nightly. Your child will be required to write his or her assignments in the agenda daily. This will help keep you informed of what he or she has for homework. Homework is due the following school day unless otherwise noted. If it is not turned in on the next school day, they may bring it in the following school day with a 10-point reduction on that assignment. If it is still not turned in, their grade will be mark incomplete until the assignment is completed. 

Signed Test and Signed Papers
Tests will be given on a regular basis. The will be sent home to be signed and should be returned within the next two school days. Paper will be sent home periodically in the front pocket for you to look over. 

We hope this gives you an idea for the year. As you can tell the agenda is or main form of quick communication , so please make sure it accompanies your child each day. We are here for you and your child. We are looking forward to a very rewarding and exciting year. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 
Upcoming Events  

Apr. 11 Report Cards

May. 9 Progress Reports

Jun. 12 Report Cards

Math Words to Know!!
place value, standard form, word form, expanded form, written form, exponent, base, commutative, associative, distributive , identity, product, sum, double, triple